Before you install:

Step 1: Open the Google Play/Google Store app on your phone, in the menu (hamburger button (3 horizontal stripes), top left), choose “Play protect”, Disable “full scanning”, or “scan device for security threats”, or something similar…

Step 2: Close Google Play/Google Store

Step 3: Open Settings, use the search bar (top) and search for “install unknown apps”, “unknown sources” or “special app access” or something similar. Eventually you should get to a page that lists all your installed apps, and most of them will say “not allowed” below them. Some android phones might have a general “allow unknown apps” setting, and no app specific settings…

Step 4: Find your webbrowser in this list (probably Chrome), tap it, and enable the option “allow from this source”.

Step 5: You're about to install an APK (an app), your browser will download it, once it's done downloading it'll give you the option to open it, which will run the default Android installer, “hopefully” this install process will work…. If not, send me a message.

Click HERE to download (v0.1)

Step 6: Remove the .apk file from your downloads folder, not needed, but you can.

Step 7: Launch the app, it should launch with a splash-screen with a giant BETA 1, followed by the settings screen.

Step 8: Choose “Purchase” (left side) and click on the PCT sign. It's instantly added.

Step 9: Choose “Download” (left side), in the dropdown, choose “Pacific Crest Trail”, the buttons below are download links to trail/snow and tiles data, you're going to need all of them, some are already included in the app (grey), others need downloading (green), the map-tiles are 400mb and will take a while. Make sure you're on wifi for this.

Step 10: Close the settings panel by tapping somewhere next to it (there's no close button, yet).

Step 11: scroll through the elevation profile, click anywhere to go to that mile on the map, click on markers, enable GPS tracking, play around, go through the settings etc.

Step 12: there is a secret red button, you can click it, but I'd advice you not to mess around in the admin panel…

Step 13: Consider eating some high calory food, to celebrate...